29 February 2012

No There There

I'm glad someone else notices the President's peculiar diction. I wonder if he talks to his friends the same way? And what about the heads of state around the world? Ben Stein fearlessly calls the president out on his minstrel show.  My father and his friends used to do this sort of thing in the 40s into the 50s. They didn't know that only certain protected minorities could act or speak in this way.

Why Did It Take So Long?

Justice, even in this vale of tears, can be an exceedingly slow and uncertain process. The sentence for Mr Bates of Downton Abbey came soon after the jury found him guilty. Why can't we do the same?

Surely the judge has heard the same evidence as the jury. Why shouldn't he or she sentence the defendant immediately? Mitigating factors are always brought up during the trial, are they not? So what is the delay for? And why should we commoners have to put up with harassing the poor convicted criminal for 20 years?

And isn't a delay of 20 years a form of "cruel and unusual punishment?" Or so it seems to me. Where have I gone wrong?

27 February 2012

A Warning To Phoenix Visitors

I came across this fairly selective review of a place that I was looking forward to visiting. I guess I will take it off my bucket list. I love the title of the blog entry: Mortification—what a great word.

As our enemies become more vicious we must respond in kind. None of that turning the other cheek crap.

24 February 2012

From Occam's Razor

I thought I remembered our President opining a few years ago that it would be a good idea if gas prices moved upward significantly. I remembered rightly. See and read Scott Kirwin's excellent blogsite.

18 February 2012

"Let Them Eat Condoms" Says Barry Antoinette

Mark Steyn does his usual job as an undocumented alien here. This graph has not been concocted by incredulous conservatives but rather by our betters in Washington DC in what the New York Times calls a "responsible budget."

It looks like we are playing a game of musical chairs where the last one standing must do the politically unpopular and thus suicidal.

16 February 2012

What He Said

This is worth reading if you are wondering what were some of the persuasive people and their writing that attracted some of us to the practice of medicine.

Found in the somewhat mis-named blog Scepticemia. (http://www.scepticemia.com)

I must have been freshening my drink when this was broadcast

11 February 2012

There Are Such Things As Conservative Teachers In This Complicated World

I wish my children had had teachers like this guy or gal. He or she starts to make the case that the Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark's theory that the sun is what makes our world warm. Check him out.

10 February 2012

Harry Hole: Anti-Hero

I read Jo Nesbø's—I have no idea what the"o" with tilted line running through it sounds like or is called; I pronounce it with a long "o"—The Leopard a couple of days ago. Then I read hisI like the attention to local geography and the occasional reference to some outside influences just to orient the reader to time and place.earlier The Snowman. Both are excellent violent Norwegian murder mysteries. The science  is up-to-date, and the characters all seem appropriately dark Scandinavian

My advice is read them in the order they were written because the building suspense is a necessary part of the thrill of reading these gritty police page-turners. And the later Leopard reveals some essential stuff about the Snowman you don't want to know 'til the end.

I like the attention to local geography and the occasional reference to some outside events just to remind the reader that Norway is a place in the real world.

Better than a lot of other similar entries in this genre. The geographic place names remind me of the special emphasis that Ian Fleming used to put on his character's use of well-known brands of shaving lotion and cigarettes and everything else we use in everyday life.

As usual the author gets to give his opinion of a lot of other cultures and the oddities of human nature. Worth reading both but be sure to read them in the right order.

I like the mixture of good and bad in all the main characters, even extending to the police.

Your Will Be Done

Cartoon by William Warren. Not as funny as usual. I guess cartoons don't have to be funny. This "compromise" that the President is offering now makes him sound even sillier than this.

Your Faithful Correspondent Notes This In Passing

The story appeared in the LA Times but the hamburger lover was supposed to be an Arizona resident. Those are not white trousers on his lower half. I suppose one could suggest that maybe the mental illness was caused by excessive consumption of McDonald's hamburgers. I prefer to think that his bizarre behavior was caused by a deficiency of burgers, and that he became more rational after getting his fix.

08 February 2012

Does smoking kill? A study of death certification and smoking.

A MEDLINE abstract of an article from J Clin Pathol, a British pathology journal reveals an interesting contrast between reporting smoking as an underlying cause of death versus reporting alcohol abuse as an underlying cause of death. Apparently the people who fill out death certificates seldom if ever mention smoking in the "cause" sequence, but over 50% of the time in the case of alcohol abuse.

More evidence that medicine is more of an art form than a science-based practice.

05 February 2012

A Place To Go Back To

Sunday lunch time a few weeks or so ago: Village Inn seemed to be too crowded so we took a chance on China City Super Buffet, right behind the Village Inn. A big place with lots of different dishes. It would probably take at least a month of visiting every day to go through the whole menu.

We went back today after church and tried a few more of the dishes. They have a huge variety of Oriental stuff, the waitresses are quick to remove your used plates, and every thing seems very fresh. Mongolian buffet is part of the whole together with some nice sushi. Highly recommended.

Dalrymple's Verdict on 'Downton Abbey'

The reason for the popularity of the British soap-opera and PBS's Masterpiece Theatre Downton Abbey, according to British essayist Theodore Dalrymple, pen name for Dr Anthony Daniels, is that we Americans really do love the idea of social class rather than that 'all men are created equal' claptrap: my guess is that Dr Daniels is seeing himself reflected in his own eyeglasses.

Of course, we commoners like a good story, even if it is a soap opera; and we enjoy comparing and contrasting the upstairs characters and their way of dealing with the world with their downstairs counterparts. Just like our British cousins. But to say that we Americans like Downton Abbey in the same way that we like using the 'N' word is just silly.

The decline of the aristocracy in England in the latter part of the 19th century and early 20th century is a grand collection of a great many interesting smaller stories. We Americans may see some prospect of declines in our own fortunes in the late 20th century and early 21st century, and thus we may look to earlier times for help.

04 February 2012

Nobel Peace Prize Hoaxes Under Investigation

Recent winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, dis-credited alarmist Al Gore in 2007 for his silly and mendacious documentary An Inconvenient Truth; and the hopeful President of the USA Barack Obama in 2009, soon after he took office may not have deserved their awards according to John O'Sullivan at Climate Realists.

Perhaps the Committee counted improvement at the time and future improvements in his golf score.  The last will and testament of Alfred Nobel seems to be the reason for the investigation. Apparently Mr Nobel had a different definition of peace than what the Committee is using these days. I seem to remember other stooges like Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat winning the prize some years ago.

Nobel was born in 1833. He amassed a huge fortune from his many inventions, especially dynamite. The income from the fortune—or 94% of it, anyway—was supposed to be given to those who confer "the greatest benefit to mankind," as judged by various Swedish committees of high mucky-mucks.

Downtown Billings in the SummerTime

Downtown Billings in the SummerTime
At The BrewPub on Broadway

Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix
Downtown Phoenix in the Winter Time

Good Cheese Here

Good Cheese Here
Vermont Cheddar & Minnesota Blue


Dehler Park, Billings MT, July 2008 This is what Bart Giamatti recommends for good mental health.

Me and Joan

Me and Joan
Early elderly and middle middle age: We May Know Something You Don't

Mrs America

Mrs America
Fortunately these girls had a good-looking mother

Rimrocks @ Billings MT

Rimrocks @ Billings MT
“In beholding old stones we may feel our anxieties about our achievements–and lack of them–slacken . . . Vast landscapes [and seascapes] can have an anxiety–reducing effect similar to ruins, for they are the representatives of infinite space, as ruins are the representatives of infinite time, against which our weak, short-lived bodies seem no less inconsequential than those of moths or spiders.”—Alain de Botton in Status Anxiety

Easter Sunday at St Patrick's Co-Cathedral

Easter Sunday at St Patrick's Co-Cathedral
12 April 2009

Pleasant Hillside at Hustisford, AKA The Grassy Knoll for you conspiracy buffs

Pleasant Hillside at Hustisford, AKA The Grassy Knoll for you conspiracy buffs
A Lot of Muellers Are Buried Here
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